Southern Region Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Retirees Association

FAA Retirees -About Us

Most of the members are retired after 30 years of service. We welcome new retirees to join us. The first year is free and the following years only cost $5 a year.


President: Landon Harris 


Vice President:  Charlie Benefield

Secretary/Treas:  Sterling Dickson

   601 394-5599


Darrell Brown 678-637-1525

Webmaster:  Carol Riggs

FAA Retirees - Contact Us

Landon Harris and his wife Linda will prepare our 2018 reunion at Myrtle Beach, SC.  The date has not been determined.  They will send out a questionnaire as to whether or not you plan to attend.  Rates and dinners depend on the number of attendees. 

TO BECOME A MEMBER - Contact Sterling Dickson at P. O. Box 1054, Leakesville, MS 39451.  Membership is free first year & only $5 for the following years.  Include: Full name, address, phone #, cell #, email address & where & when you retired. 

If you work in old Southern Region, you qualify.

Facility Photos - Greg Haire

423 743 5529